21 Jordanians infected with HIV in 2021

Mahmoud Al-Sharaan

Oman – 21 cases of AIDS were recorded in Jordan this year, bringing the total number of people infected to about 357, according to a source in the Ministry of Health.

The source told Al-Ghad that all of the discovered cases are Jordanians, including 3 females, and 250 injured are undergoing treatment at the ministry.

He added that he discovered in the Kingdom three cases of patients of Arab nationality, before they returned to their country.

For his part, the Director of the “Sawaed Al-Tagheer” Center for Community Empowerment, Dr. Abdullah Al-Barmawi, said that the Kingdom has witnessed a relative increase in the registration of HIV infections in recent years.

Al-Barmawi expected, during his interview with “Al-Ghad”, that the number of HIV infections will increase in the coming years in the Kingdom, as a result of the increase in the demand for examination, as a result of the increase in awareness programs about the disease.

Jordan recorded 41 cases in 2018, 33 cases in 2019, and 23 cases last year, according to official figures issued by the Ministry of Health.

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