21 new infections in Trang, nanny cluster found

June 10, 2021


Trang Flu announced 21 new cases of infection from 4 clusters, among which the new cluster is a babysitter.

June 10, 2021 Dr. Tulkan Makkun, spokesman for the Trang Provincial Committee, and Dr. Thiplada Boonchai, a specialist doctor at Trang Hospital Deputy Spokesperson of the Trang Province Joined the press conference on the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Trang Province. Today, Trang Province Found 21 new cases, 19 Thai people, 2 Burmese migrant workers from 4 clusters, 4 Pasinee Dim Sum clusters, from rubber glove clusters. “Sri Trang Gloves” Number of 11 people, which are employees of the company There are 5 Sri Trang Gloves and 6 close contacts, which are 2 new clusters, namely Bang Khan Cluster 1 and Nanny Cluster of 5, comprising a 34-year-old nanny with a mother, a housewife and a child in their parents. 2 cases, aged 1 and 3 years

Dr. Tulkan said that the nanny cluster is currently investigating where the disease came from. by raising children at home Not a Child Development Center As for the number of high-risk people, it is not yet known how many more. During the disease investigation officer is conducting an investigation of the disease.

As for the rubber glove factory cluster Now entering the 14-day period, agents are doing a double-check swab among the rest of the staff. A total of 847 people are being quarantined in the factory, including 914 high-risk people who are awaiting the results of a repeat test, results are expected to be released today. And today there will be a memorandum of agreement between Trang provinces. with industrial factory operators to prevent infection entering the factory


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