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Germain Lamonde, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of EXFO

Since EXFO is very active in China, Germain Lamonde was able to “see it coming” at the end of December. Despite this, it took him a few weeks to fully regain the right family, personal and professional balance. A balance that he sums up in three words.

Breathe: “Staying fit, moving, a healthy mind in a healthy body,” he says. His choices? “Running, cycling, tennis this summer and new cross-country skis, kyte and fatbike to tackle winter.

Settle in: “You have to have the right tools and workstation to be good and efficient”. He says he loves his “adjustable iPad stand. Paid $ 45, the item transformed the businessman’s many videoconferences.

Finally, have fun: “Have fun, read, learn, initiate new interesting projects. Even in virtual mode, I like good meals, scotch and good wines with family and friends! ”


Bernard Gilbert, director general and programming of Le Diamant, writer

Once the shock was over, the pandemic allowed Bernard Gilbert to find quality time at home and to reduce his consumption habits. “This forced slowdown has a zen side that compensates for the stress caused by a work environment hard hit by the crisis”, explains the writer and general manager and programming of the Le Diamant concert hall. “With winter coming, I’m betting on a happy mix of outdoor and indoor activities. Walks with the dog, soon skiing and snowshoeing, writing, reading, cooking, these ingredients offer a beautiful balance between nourishment for the mind and those for the body. My thing is balance. ”

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Arnaud Marchand, chef co-owner Chez Boulay

Chef Arnaud Marchand does not hide it: this year has been “a big period of questioning”. “The first period of confinement was very difficult after having worked a lot in the development of the various companies which were still young in recent years. You could see that it was bearing fruit, but all of a sudden you had to start all over again. For me, it was a total shutdown of “my brain” ”, confides the one who admits to having lacked energy. But that was before the desire to “restart the machine with all the teams came back even stronger”. “I took advantage of this time to do the things that dragged on, to project myself, to improve.” His hobbies? The DIY that the meticulous chef loves. Storage in the house, too. “And take time with my three boys and share Lego building time with them”. Ah, one last thing: cook.

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