22.6% of people vaccinated with two doses in the region

Vaccination for the 1st dose of vaccine is offered without an appointment to people 12 years of age and over at all CIUSSS MCQ vaccination sites, at Cascades and at the mobile vaccination clinic. The schedule of vaccination sites and the schedule of the mobile vaccination clinic are available on the CIUSSS MCQ website.

The 2nd dose of vaccine is also available on a walk-in basis for today only in three vaccination clinics and at Cascades due to the availability of doses. Remember that it is important to respect an interval of 8 weeks between the two doses.

Immunization statistics

Number of doses administered: 484,363

Number of people vaccinated with a first dose: 365,939 (70%)

Number of people vaccinated with two doses: 118,424 (22.6%)

Vaccine coverage (as of June 27, 2021)

12-17 years: 72.2%

18-29 years: 60.4%

30-39 years: 63.6%

40-49 years: 74.3%

50-59 years: 83.1%

60-69 years: 91.4%

70 and over: 95.3%

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