22-year-old killed by helicopter blade while taking selfie

Jack Fenton, a 22 year old young man was hit by the tail blade of a helicopter while on vacation in Mykonos. He did not survive the shock.

The circumstances of this tragedy seem a priori quite clear: the boy was hit while trying to take a selfie at the Athens heliport. Three people were arrested after this tragedy, it is the pilot of the device and two engineers.

“Our investigation has focused on possible negligence,” a police source said. “Fundamental questions emerged in the testimony as to why the blades were not stationary when passengers were allowed to disembark on Monday. »

The victim, identified as Jack Fenton, was killed instantly. He was due to return to the UK on a private jet after vacationing with his parents in Mykonos.

According to Greek media, Jack’s parents, who were flying behind in a second helicopter, were unaware of the tragedy. Their flight was diverted to Athens International Airport, just after the alert received by the pilots.

Police tell the Guardian: “We interviewed witnesses, including the three people on board the helicopter with him.” The investigation will then be sent to the prosecutor. She takes her course.

The pilot could be charged with manslaughter, according to media reports. Superior Air reportedly said safety protocols were followed when the helicopter landed in Athens.

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