22-year-old soldier dies during training

French flag, illustration. – PATRICK KOVARIK / AFP

A 22-year-old French soldier died on Saturday during a session at the French Foreign Legion’s nautical training and experience center in Mayotte, announced the armed forces in the southern zone of the Indian Ocean (

“An investigation was carried out by the public prosecutor of Mayotte to determine the exact causes of death” of Lucas Rochefeuille, born in Reunion and assigned to the 92nd infantry regiment of Clermont-Ferrand, specified the cabinet of General Yves Métayer, superior commander (COMSUP) of FAZSOI.

Short-term assignment

The first class soldier had been carrying out a short-term mission at the Foreign Legion detachment in Mayotte since mid-December. General Métayer “learned the news with great sadness and gives all his support to the family of Private First Class Lucas Rochefeuille as well as to his comrades and his regiment”.

The FAZSOI ensure the protection of Mayotte, with 1,700 soldiers deployed in the southern Indian Ocean. In this zone, between Mayotte, Réunion and the French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF), the FAZSOI operate against piracy or illegal immigration, ensuring the surveillance of the exclusive economic zones (EEZs) of French territory.

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