On Wednesday (29th), the China Development and Reform Commission pointed out that it will jointly expand the coal transportation capabilities of power plants with the China National Railway Group. The National Development and Reform Commission mentioned that in order to ensure the heating of the people in winter, it will accelerate the work related to the protection of medium and long-term coal contracts in power plants or heating enterprises, strengthen the connection of production and transportation, and provide transportation capacity guarantee for the implementation of medium and long-term contracts.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, railways are the backbone of coal transportation, with the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, strong reliability, energy saving and low carbon, and play an irreplaceable key role in linking coal supply and demand and guaranteeing medium and long-term contracts for electric coal. The economic departments of various regions should strengthen the connection with the railway departments, and relevant enterprises should provide the railway departments with the newly signed medium and long-term contracts for power generation, heat supply and coal in a timely manner.

At the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission also mentioned the need to strengthen the priority guarantee of railway transportation in key areas and key routes. It also requires the railway bureau groups to focus on ensuring the transportation needs of coal for power generation and heating, give priority to the shipment of coal for power generation and heating, and give priority to guaranteeing electricity. The medium and long-term coal contract was fulfilled on schedule.

On the other hand, various regional economic departments should pay close attention to the supply, demand and inventory of coal in power plants, and strengthen the coordination mechanism with the railway department to ensure emergency supply. All railway bureau groups should focus on strengthening the guarantee of coal transportation for power plants with stocks of less than 7 days, promptly activate the coal emergency guarantee supply mechanism, and make every effort to ensure the coal transportation demand of the power generation and heating industry.

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