222 kilos of cocaine seized and 3 people arrested in Puerto Rico

The detainees are Americans.


A total of 222 kilos of cocaine seized and 3 people arrested is the result of an operation against drug trafficking carried out in the vicinity of Vieques, a small island located about 7 nautical miles east of Puerto Rico.

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported this Monday 16-N through a statement that members of that federal agency and Air and Marine Operations (AMO) arrested three United States citizens in a joint operation and confiscated 222 kilos ( 489 pounds) of cocaine.

The statement indicates that the estimated value of the cocaine seized in the market is around 6 million dollars.

The note indicates that on November 8, a crew from the Fajardo Maritime Unit responded to a warning about the presence in the area of ​​a suspicious vessel operating near Vieques.

Federal agents identified a boat with its lights off near shore that moved to a nearby beach area with three people on board in an alleged smuggling act.

AMO agents arrested the three individuals, US citizens, and found 190 packages of cocaine.

AMO transferred custody of the men to Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) for prosecution.

The statement recalls that AMO tries to protect the US territory by sea and air with the available means.

With approximately 1,800 federal agents, 240 aircraft and 300 marine vessels operating in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands, AMO is a federal agency specialized in border control and the fight against drug trafficking.

In 2020, the AMO’s actions have resulted in the seizure of 88,000 kilos (194,220 pounds) of cocaine, 126,000 kilos (278,492 pounds) of marijuana, 952 weapons, 51.5 million dollars, 1,066 arrests and the arrest of 47,872 foreigners in an illegal situation.

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