225 million euros of fraud, more than half of which recovered

The milestone of 50,000 checks on requests for partial unemployment had been crossed, with a total of 225 million euros of fraud, more than half of which recovered, the Ministry of Labor told AFP.

The checks led to 9,500 “suspicions” of fraud and 440 criminal proceedings in progress, we learned from the same source. In total, the fraud is estimated at 225 million euros, more than half of which has already been blocked or recovered, out of a global device of 30 billion euros.

In all, almost half of the fraud attempts were either reimbursed or blocked by the administration services, according to RTL. 130 million euros have not yet been recovered, for which legal proceedings and investigations are open.

“In view of the 30 billion mobilized, it is ultimately quite little”

This therefore represents less than 1% of the total budget devoted to partial activity, which was widely used in the coronavirus crisis, with nearly 9 million employees affected at the height of the crisis in April, a figure that fell to 2 , 4 in July.

The Ministry of Labor stressed to AFP that “the amount of fraud may seem significant but in view of 30 billion mobilized, it is finally quite little». «There are always crooks and people taking advantage of the system“, We added from the same source.

Elisabeth Borne clarified that “controls will continue by working with the tax services, the urssaf as well as with the tracfin information service to tighten the net and ensure that we have effective controls».

At the same time, nearly a thousand companies had underestimated the amount of compensation to which they were entitled – compensation that they were able to recover following these checks.


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