23 other species became extinct since Wednesday

A dead fish decomposes on the seashore. (Symbol image)
Image: AFP

Not sighted for decades: after numerous species were on the list of endangered species, the American Department of Fish and Wildlife has now declared them extinct.

EThe ivory woodpecker, yellow-fronted warbler and 21 other species have been considered extinct by the American Department of Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) since Wednesday. The Washington Department of the Interior removed the species from the list of endangered species after decades of not sighting.

The ivory woodpecker is said to have been last observed in the forests of Louisiana in 1944, and the yellow-fronted wood warbler in 1988 in the southern state as well. Like the rest of the deleted species, animal rights activists had given them a slim chance of survival when they were added to the list in the 1960s.

Around 900 species worldwide deleted

The Fish and Wildlife Department cited water pollution, deforestation and trophy hunting as causes of extinction. Since the Endangered Species Act was signed in 1973, the United States has declared only eleven species extinct. Around 900 species have been deleted worldwide so far. Nature conservation organizations such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature, based in Switzerland, have meanwhile warned against premature reports of extinctions. The ivory woodpecker, which Washington has now declared extinct, was observed in Cuba after 1944, for example.


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