23-year-old man suddenly pulls out a gun on the street, “homeless people helplessly raise their hands”, the close-range execution scene is exposed | ETtoday International News | ETtodayAMP

▲The man suddenly shot and killed homeless people on the street. (Picture / flip from Twitter)

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Reporter Li Zhenhui / Comprehensive report

A shooting case occurred in Missouri, USA. Deshawn Thomas, a 23-year-old man, was photographed pulling a gun on a homeless person on the street and executing him at close range in public. The whole process only took about 30 seconds. After it was circulated on the Internet, the police are currently arresting him on suspicion of homicide.

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The incident happened on the sidewalk outside the Globe Building in St. Louis on the 27th of last month. It can be seen in the video that when a homeless person was sitting on the side of the road, Thomas, who was standing nearby, suddenly pulled himself out. Pulling out a gun, the homeless quickly raised his hands and surrendered, but he still executed people at close range.

The exaggerated scene scared people nearby to shout, “Oh my God, he just killed him like this”. Police said the victim, who was in his 40s, appeared to have clashed with Thomas at a gas station a few minutes before the incident. Thomas then followed him across the road and shot him dead.

Thomas fled the scene immediately after the incident and was later arrested at a local public library. The exaggerated incident triggered criticism from the outside world that the authorities should take measures to prevent the recurrence of crimes. Missouri Congressman Josh Hawley also forwarded the video and called for the officials responsible to step down.

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