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Recently, an 8-minute linked video went viral on the Vietnamese Internet. The heroine is a local C coffee actor and internet celebrity Vu thi anh thu. After the incident broke out, she urgently shut down her Facebook, but netizens who watched the video discovered the case. Not innocent, I suspect that I just want to become popular quickly to take the opportunity to hype.

There are many erotic films from Wu’s English book, ranging from lingering in the bathtub, diving sex, to vomiting, and the content is very wild and passionate, but after watching the film, netizens are surprised that they have a common doubt. It is that she and the actor seem to be deliberately aiming at the camera to shoot, Wu Shi Yingshu even glared at him, and the actor’s identity is said to be a rich man with many famous cars, and often show himself on the social platform to take a luxury yacht and stay in luxury. The photos of the hotel questioned that Wu’s Yingshu might want to make it popular and swore sovereignty to the outside world.

The video of Wu’s Yingsho and her boyfriend’s wet body was spread. (Photo/theundergroundclub.net)
Wu Shi Yingshu and her boyfriend’s diving erotica were released.  (Photo/Soha.vn)
Wu Shi Yingshu and her boyfriend’s diving erotica were released. (Photo/Soha.vn)

According to the Vietnamese media “Youth Daily”, Wu Shi Yingshu was born in 1998, 23 years old this year, and graduated from Hanoi University of Arts Education. Last year, she signed up to run for Miss Vietnam. The first level was brushed down, but she did not give up on the star dream. With a good face and a good figure, he squeezed into the showbiz and filmed several drama works, such as “Go Home Children”, “Love and Ambition”, “Life and Death”, but they are all unknown supporting roles.

After the incident spread, the Miss Vietnam organizer did not want to be implicated and cut quickly, indicating that Wu Shi Yingshu had only applied for the competition and did not actually participate. As for Wu Shiyingshu, after learning that the sex film was leaking, he admitted that he was indeed himself, besides. My friend kept calling to ask about this matter, feeling very depressed, and wanted to find short-term relief. Fortunately, thanks to the warm persuasion of his mother and boyfriend, he did not make any regrets, and is still recuperating in the hospital.

Wu’s boyfriend also admitted that the male protagonist in the film was himself. He mentioned that his girlfriend had told the police about his mobile phone password due to his work in order to confirm the information in the phone. He believed that he might be maliciously outflowed and would take legal measures to investigate it. .

The photos of Wu's Yingshu that had not been reshaped before were dug up due to the incident.  (Photo/Soha.vn)
The photos of Wu’s Yingshu that had not been reshaped before were dug up due to the incident. (Photo/Soha.vn)

According to Article 235 of the Criminal Law, anyone who distributes, broadcasts, or sells indecent text, pictures, sounds, images, or other objects, or publicly displays them, or uses other laws for viewing or hearing, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 2 years, criminal detention or A fine of less than 30,000 yuan may be imposed on the division or combined division. The same applies to those who manufacture or possess the text, pictures, sounds, images and attachments or other items mentioned in the preceding paragraph with the intention of distributing, broadcasting, or selling.

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