23,000 passes for the win

AThe championships that are not played in the stadium are now played on the Playstation. There is probably no better game for this than Fifa 20 by EA, with the disadvantage that real movement with the exception of the wrists is neglected. Adidas has come up with a solution and uses Fifa Mobile, the smartphone version for on the go. A sole equipped with a chip is inserted into the football or sports shoe. The chip developed by Jacquard by Google is equipped with a gyro and acceleration sensor, it registers shots and flanks and holds up the ball. He sends the data to the smartphone to be carried, where the hobby kicker can click into the player community of Fifa Mobile via app and compare them.

Holger Appel

Business editor, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

All you need is a 34.95 euro GMR set, a jacquard-compatible mobile device and the Adidas GMR and EA Fifa Mobile apps, which are available free of charge in the store. That sounds like laborious installation work, but the youngsters familiar with the Playstation can do it easily. The chip is easy to insert into the sole, but difficult to remove if necessary. As a bonus, a Paulo-Dybala card is included, so a good one. There are many games in which you can improve your team with the help of money, our youngsters are forbidden to use real euros, which is why he has to make double efforts.

First knowledge when training in the garden or with buddies on the field: You have to shoot with determination, otherwise the chip will not recognize the fact. Ball contact, shot intensity, running speed and distance are recorded afterwards. The sole sits comfortably, the chip is imperceptible, foot pain does not occur. This is not a negligible factor, because if you want to rise in the ranking, you have to complete a few units. In our test week, the first place winner played 23,000 passes.

The battery is in good condition, it charges quickly, discharges slowly and is sure to last two halves. For Fifa Mobile enthusiasts, the purchase is worthwhile, is the conclusion of the age-appropriate soccer specialist in the house. However, the latter prefers to use the Playstation and Fifa 20 on the screen. And goes to the big field on Saturday, kick properly.


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