24-hour cremation dispute resolved? Zhao Shaokang: The infection in the command center is more terrifying than the dead | Politics | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Zheng Peiwen/Taipei Report

▲ Zhao Shaokang, chairman of Zhongguang.

The issue of cremation of confirmed remains within 24 hours continues. Zhao Shaokang, chairman of Zhongguang, said bluntly today (14) that there is no risk of respiratory infection after death. This angle is even scarier than a dead person, and he is infected with the virus himself, which means “the epidemic prevention work is bad, and you talk about others”.

Zhao Shaokang said that the command center should have set a good example, not to infect each other. Even dead people don’t get infected like this, but they get infected with each other like this, and they don’t know how the reporters will open up until now.

Zhao Shaokang pointed out that Chen Shizhong said yesterday that even if Singapore and other countries can pay homage to the remains for 3 days, they are wrapped in double-layer body bags. It is difficult for family members to invite people to come and pay tribute to the remains. “Singapore is hotter than us, so let’s see what other people do. You can learn it after learning it.”

Zhao Shaokang said that as long as the command center thinks about it, there can be a compromise, instead of doing it cheaply, packing the body bag and burning it, and once it’s done, “For you, the administrative work is easy; but for the family, it is endless pain”.

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