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24,000 chickens died on Monday afternoon in a very large fire in the Gelderland town of Harskamp. The barn in which the animals lived was completely burned down, according to the Gelderland-Midden Safety Region.

The chicken barn measuring 20 by 80 meters caught fire around 2.30 p.m. The emergency services broke out en masse, but due to the rapid spread of the fire, the animals could no longer be saved.

That is why it was decided to have the shed burned out in a controlled manner, according to a spokesman for the safety region. The surrounding stables were kept wet to prevent further spread of the fire.

The fire brigade signaled the fire around 4 p.m. Post-washing is expected to take several hours.

When the fire broke out in the shed on the Broekweg, some workers of the farm were at work. They have remained unharmed, the spokesman said.



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