2,500 engineering and tertiary positions eliminated

Renault’s CFE-CGC union announced Thursday, November 19 that it had decided to sign the agreement on the elimination of 2,500 positions in the engineering and tertiary functions of the group in France, via voluntary departures, which makes validates this text already signed by Force Ouvrière (FO).

This agreement is part of the plan to save more than two billion euros over three years, announced at the end of May by management, which provides for around 15,000 job cuts worldwide, including 4,600 in France. The 2,100 job cuts planned in French factories remain to be negotiated.

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Together, the CFE-CGC (first union in the group) and FO (4e) total a little more than 50% of union representativeness, which allows them to validate the agreement together. The two other representative unions, the CFDT (2e) and CGT (3e), must be pronounced later in the day of November 19.

1,900 voluntary departures and 600 natural

By signing a text “Solely based on voluntary departures”, and CFE-CGC “Prevents employees from redundancies via a PSE (job safeguard plan, Editor’s note) that Renault’s situation could have justified ”, underlines the union of the framework in a press release. Likewise, when FO announced on Monday November 16 its decision to sign this agreement at the end of the last meeting of the negotiation process, this union was pleased that there was no “No forced departures”. Of the 2,500 jobs lost, “1,900 will ultimately be the subject of a voluntary departure plan, the remaining 600 having been made by natural departures this year”, according to FO.

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In addition to voluntary departures by collective contractual termination (RCC), possible until the end of September 2021, the agreement contains a section of “Activity exemption” for employees nearing retirement. For staff who remain in the company, the text provides for the possibility of training. With measures to prevent psychosocial risks in this context of restructuring, the agreement contains a “Action plan to support change and strengthen listening to employees”, had noted the direction last week, in a press release.


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