26-year-old journalist sleeps with a man while interviewing him (video)

While going to a swingers club to do a report, Louise Fischer played a bit too much. The subject of her report was none other than the reopening of clubs in Denmark. Louise therefore went to Swingland and chatted with the members of the swingers club at the bar.

“They were a bit shy at first,” said Louise. According to information from the Daily Mail, the young woman then decided to participate herself in the activities of the club in order to “loosen” them a little. In a video that runs on social networks, we hear the journalist asking questions to a man, while having sex with him.

While many have criticized Louise, she sees no problem with it. For her, it “was part of the job”. It has also become “completely natural”, said the young woman.

Louise spent several hours in the swingers club, while the radio report she was doing was supposed to last only a few minutes. The Danish radio station Louise works for even shared the report on Twitter, with the description: “It was hot and humid for both our journalist and his guests” …


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