2nd place fight on fire… Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo, LG Park Hae-min, KIA Na Seong-beom

Kiwoom wins from a comeback with 3 stores after an overtime in the 10th inning… Lotte loses 5 in a row
LG’s Park Hae-min, his first home run of the season against Samsung… Director Ryu Ji-hyun wins 100 games
KIA overpowers the leading SSG… NC Changmo Koo wins first win in 679 days
Hanwha and KT win 9-8 in a brawl… Sihwan Jang 10 saves

Kiwoom Heroes, LG Twins, and KIA Tigers continued their fierce battle for second place by winning side by side.

The gap between second place Kiwoom and third place LG is one game. 4th place KIA is also chasing Kiwoom by 1.5 games.

Kiwoom defeated the Lotte Giants 6-3 after an overtime match in the pro baseball 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League match held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 28th, winning five straight wins.

It was a thrilling comeback victory after a bloody overtime.

Kiwoom, who conceded three points in the first inning, succeeded in chasing and led the game to overtime, and completed a reverse play with Lee Jeong-hoo’s three points in the final, which exploded in the beginning of the 10th inning.

In the 9th inning against 3-3, Lotte Ahn Jung-yeol retreated from shortstop, catcher, and 1st base in the ninth inning, but with a strike that followed, Lee Hak-joo struck out at 2nd and 3rd base and missed the chance to finish.

Kiwoom, who overcame the crisis, got first and second base chances with Kim Jun-wan’s heavy hit and Kim Hwi-jip’s walk after one shot in the 10th inning.

After a fierce fight with Lotte right-handed finisher Choi Jun-yong up to the 9th pitch, Lee Jung-hoo hit a 147km/h fastball and hit a 3-point home run that crossed the middle wall.

It was the moment when Lotte fell into a swamp of five consecutive losses.

LG defeated the Samsung Lions 9-4 in the Jamsil home game.

Director Ryu Ji-hyeon, who took the LG battalion from 2021, filled his career with 100 wins (14 draws and 79 losses). He is the 49th 100-win manager in KBO league history.

Park Hae-min, who played for Samsung until last year and signed a four-year, 6 billion won contract with LG before this season, became the number one contributor to victory with three hits in five at-bats, three RBIs and three runs.

LG was behind 0-1 in the bottom of the first inning, leading hitter Hong Chang-ki hit a hit from the left and got on base, and Hae-min Park continued his chances of first and second base without a hit with a right-handed hit.

When Kim Hyeon-soo’s center fielder floated the ball, Hong Chang-gi and Park Hae-min ran to third and second bases.

Hong Chang-ki hit the home when Chae Eun-seong’s shortstop grounded, and Park Hae-min scored with Oh Ji-hwan’s right-handed hit.

LG drew two points in the bottom of the first inning and turned it 2-1.

In the second inning, after Song Chan-ui’s left-handed hit, Lee Jae-won’s right-jungwol triple added one more point, and Kim Min-seong’s left fielder doubled further to run away.

At first and third base, which led to an infield hit next to Hong Chang-ki’s second baseman, Park Hae-min blasted three stores that crossed the right wall. It was Park Hae-min’s first home run in 2022.

LG added 5 points only in the second inning and ran away 7-1, solidifying their victory early.

In the 6th inning, Park Hae-min appeared as the lead batter and hit a triple to right fielder, and Kim Hyeon-soo stepped into the home in a just-time hit in midfield.

Samsung fell into a swamp of five consecutive losses.

Samsung starter Baek Jeong-hyeon, who collapsed with 9 hits and 8 runs in 3 innings, lost 5 without a win.

‘No. 1 in May’s win rate’ KIA continued their upward trend at the Gwangju home by taking even the ‘2022 season leader’ SSG Landers 9-3.

KIA, which had lost all four matches against SSG, took the first win in the fifth match.

KIA’s win rate in May rose to 0.708 (17 wins and 7 losses). On the other hand, SSG stopped their five-game winning streak.

On this day, SSG took the lead with Hanyu Island’s middle double from 2nd and 2nd in the first inning.

However, in the bottom of the first inning, KIA succeeded in a 2-1 comeback when Socrates Britto hit the top of the center fence and hit a triple with two runs at first and second base.

The added point was a cool home run.

In the 4th inning, Hyungwoo Choi drew a solo arch that crossed the middle wall by lifting the curve of SSG starter Ivan Nova in the absence of a runner-up in the fourth inning.

Choi Hyung-woo, who reported his first home run of the season in 44 games against the Daegu Samsung Lions on the 26th, saw his hands again in two days.

Left-handed striker Na Seong-beom, who KIA recruited for 6 years and 15 billion won, shot 3 points in the middle of the left, which put the key to the game from the first and second bases in the 5th inning, leading 4-1.

On this day, Na Seong-beom played 3 hits in 5 at-bats, 3 RBIs, 2 runs and 1 stolen base.

The NC Dinos, who fell to the bottom (10th), also defeated the Doosan Bears 5-0 in Changwon, raising hopes of finishing last.

It was a victory for Gu Chang-mo in the first-team return, so it was more meaningful.

On that day, Changmo Koo blocked 5⅓ innings with 4 hits and 4 strikeouts and became the winning pitcher.

It is the first time Chang-mo Koo won a start in the regular season in 679 days since the match against kt wiz on July 18, 2020 (7 innings, 2 hits and no score).

It was the first regular season start in 575 days since the Daegu Samsung Lions match on October 30, 2020.

After a long and lonely rehabilitation, Goo Chang-mo threw 5⅓ innings with 80 balls to reward the club and fans who waited for him for a long time.

The NC line also supported 5 points with Nick Martini’s two-run four.

The 9th-placed Hanwha Eagles have no intention of going down to the bottom.

Hanwha defeated kt wiz 9-8 at Suwon KT Wiz Park after a brawl and maintained the gap with NC by two games.

The win and loss of the snarling game, which exchanged 26 hits (10 Hanwha, 16 kt), was determined by ‘efficiency’.

Hanwha had only 2 spare bases and kt had 12 spare bases.

Hanwha scored 4 runs in the inning with 2 walks and 4 hits.

In the 5th inning, which was overturned 4-6, Mike Turkman, Jinyoung Lee, Eunwon Jung, and Sihwan Noh made consecutive hits and Joo-seok Ha walked to base for 5th consecutive batters, and Kim Inhwan’s sacrifice fly and Noh Soo-gwang’s left-handed hit scored a total of 5 goals. points were drawn

The final chase of kt was blocked by the finishing touches, Sihwan Jang.

Jang Si-hwan went on to 1st and 2nd base with 2 outs at the bottom of the 8th inning, narrowly leading 9-8, and turned off the fire by treating Park Kyung-soo with a floating ball from left field. Even at the end of the ninth inning, they were driven to second base, but Jang Si-hwan kept Cho Yong-ho from the left fielder with a floating ball and struck out the allotment to keep the team win.

Jang Si-hwan scored his 10th save of the season with 1⅓ innings of 1⅓ innings, no hits and 1 walk back.

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