3 blood cancer symptoms that signal early disease

Blood Cancer UK, a British charity that finances research on all types of blood cancer, found that most adults in the UK cannot name even one symptom of blood cancer. Although this is a very insidious disease and in order to achieve a stable remission, it is precisely early diagnosis that is needed.

After a survey, philanthropists found that 56% of respondents could not name a single symptom of blood cancer, only 1% of 2035 people named fever, and another 3% – shortness of breath. About the results writes Express edition.

However, neither shortness of breath nor fever can be attributed to the earliest signs of the disease. The fact that you have blood cancer may be indicated by:

  • constant fatigue;

  • night sweats;

  • sudden weight loss.

These three symptoms are the first warning bells, especially if you noticed everything at once. In this case, in no case should you postpone the visit to the oncologist.

“People often ignore or downplay the importance of these symptoms, but the results can be devastating,” said Keith Keightley, head of support at Blood Cancer UK.

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