3 Current Conditions Hit Arowana After Brain Bleeding Surgery

GenPI.co – Comedian Tukul Arowana is getting better after undergoing surgery cerebral hemorrhage.

Currently, the man from Semarang, Central Java, is still undergoing treatment at his home.

Tukul also had to check up at the National Brain Center Hospital (PON), East Jakarta.

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Here are the three current conditions Arowana hammer who are sick after surgery:

1. You Can Visit

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Tukul Arowana can already be visited by friends, family members, and relatives.

Previously, Tukul was not allowed to be visited by anyone because he had to undergo total treatment.

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“There are several, including Vega Darwanti and Tarzan, who have visited,” said the manager of Tukul Arwana, Rizki Kimon, in the Cipete area, South Jakarta, Tuesday (16/11).

Watch this video:

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