3 days left until lockdown: discount battles and more security before the last rush

PublishedJanuary 14, 2021, 11:48 am

From Monday, all shops for non-everyday goods must close. The retailers are therefore preparing for a rush of visitors.

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The store lockdown will apply from Monday.

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The Zurich Glattzentrum therefore expects a rush in the next few days.

The Zurich Glattzentrum therefore expects a rush in the next few days.

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That is why the security staff has been doubled.

That is why the security staff has been doubled.

rkn / 20 minutes

  • Because most of the shops are closing, many people will be drawn to the shops over the next few days.

  • The Glattzentrum in Zurich has therefore increased the number of security personnel.

  • Ikea is even actively asking people to refrain from purchasing supplies.

Ab Monday must all stores close for goods of non-everyday use. Because the Sunday sales ban will also apply until then, the shops will remain open for three days. That could lead to a rush.

The retailers themselves could help: some stores offer lockdown discounts. For example, Coop has expanded the range on offer in its non-food specialist markets. Manor even advertises a 70 percent discount, like that «Aargauer Zeitung» writes.

The Bernese clothing store The Family Market has also been offering its customers a 50 percent lockdown discount since Wednesday evening. Since only two customers are still allowed to shop in the store at the same time, a rush can be avoided, as it is called on request of 20 minutes. Other retailers too and shopping centers are prepared.

The Zurich Glattzentrum expects customer traffic like at Christmas: “It’s bad weather and the shops have to close – a lot of people will certainly come to us in the next few days,” says managing director Rageth Clavadetscher to 20 minutes.

That is why the security staff has also been doubled. This ensures that not too many people are in a shop at once and that the mask requirement is observed. Because in the center there is a continuous mask requirement: “That means, food and drinks may only be consumed outside of the Glattzentrum”, explains Clavadetscher.

“No purchases made for stock”

At the chicory chain, one also counts increased demand over the weekend. “In very busy shops we set up a waiting zone in front of the branch,” explains a spokesman. The staff is also urged to tighten the entry controls in the event of a rush.

Ikea is also preparing for increased visitor numbers in the next few days. The company is asking customers on Twitter to refrain from stockpiling. All products are available online and can be picked up contactless or delivered to your home:

“Immediately after the announcement by the Federal Council we had 1000 calls to customer service yesterday,” says an Ikea spokesman on request. There could therefore be longer waiting times for customer service. However, general information can be found on the homepage.

Anyone who nevertheless visits a branch in the next few days has to be patient: “Since we can only grant access to a limited number of people, longer waiting times are to be expected.”

“There is enough for everyone”

Migros and Coop may continue to be open from Monday, but must lock off products for non-daily use. Coop therefore recommends customers, to use the extra hours in the morning for shopping until Monday. In order to avoid long waiting times, Lidl does not advise customers to arrive shortly To go shopping after closing time.

With the proven protection concept and access restrictions, one can cope with increased frequencies without any problems, says Migros. The retailers do not expect that hamster purchases will be made like the first lockdown – after all, there will be enough for everyone.

As of Monday, Coop and Migros will largely return to their original opening times.

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