3 deals not to be missed

If confinement is far from having only advantages, we can at least grant it the fact of giving us more time. This can be used to make savings on several items of expenditure every month, such as that of the mobile plan.

You can reduce your costs by choosing a better subscription from one-off deals like the ones we are presenting to you today. In a few minutes, you can find a better cheap package and realize real savings which can turn out to be very interesting (and over time).

RED by SFR, the basic mobile plan

It’s hard to talk about a cheap mobile plan without talking about RED by SFR, an operator that has established itself as a key player in the market in just a few years. He’s still among those with the most compelling offers from this containment period, which he shows once again with an excellent offer. It’s one of the best plans right now, whether the discount is in effect or not. During these few days, you can save a few more euros each month, a significant saving in the medium and long term.

Currently, you are entitled to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 60 GB of Internet in France and 8 GB of Internet from the EU and the DOM for 12 euros per month instead of 15 € (new offer released this Monday !). 60 GB of mobile data represents a number far higher than the average used by the French. For those who find, however, that this is not enough, you have the opportunity to choose an option to 100 GB of Internet for 6 € more per month, which brings down the mobile plan to 20 euros in all.

RED by SFR and its cheap mobile plan stand out from its competitors because the subscription benefits from a tariff which is “guaranteed for life”. During the entire period that you are a customer of the operator, the price of your invoice does not increase and you are guaranteed that you are always entitled to the same price. In addition, the package is non-binding, which means that you can leave RED by SFR whenever you want if you find a better offer elsewhere. You can also regularly consult our comparison of the best mobile plans.

RED by SFR is one of our favorite operators. Here is the detail of the offer in force:

See the RED by SFR offer

RED by SFR also offers the best Internet box offer on the market, an opportunity for all confined people whose current connection is not in great shape. A double promotion is currently reducing the price to 23 euros per month with the first month offered for Fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s for download) and unlimited calls to landlines. As with the mobile plan, the offer is non-binding and the price is guaranteed for life, which makes the offer ultra attractive.

Prixtel, the package of reason

Prixtel is one of the operators that has grown in recent years – thanks to an inexpensive and somewhat special mobile plan. Indeed, the French offers an offer that no one has copied (yet), which makes their subscription very attractive. The latter adapts to the user’s actual consumption of mobile data, where a tier system makes it possible to simplify understanding of the plan as much as possible.

Concretely, all calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited. The final price is defined by the volume of GB of Internet used each month by the customer. Prixtel has three levels which simplify the offer and make it easy to navigate. Currently, all levels of the mobile subscription cost 5 euros less than usual.

Suppose you use 4 GB of internet per month. No matter how many calls, texts or MMS you send, the mobile plan will cost you 4.99 euros over the period, which is not expensive. If you exceed 5 GB of internet the following month, the price will go up to 9.99 euros. Depending on your actual consumption, the final price of the subscription over the period may therefore fall or increase. These prices are valid for 12 months, after which each level increases by 5 euros. In all cases, all these prices make Prixtel one of the best operators on the French market.

Prixtel uses the physical infrastructure of Orange and SFR, which allows you to guarantee excellent network quality. In short, you benefit from a very low price without compromising on quality. With telecom operators SFR and Orange, you could not take advantage of such low prices. Please note, the offer ends very soon:

See Prixtel offer

La Poste Mobile, the surprise mobile package

Like Prixtel, La Poste is a virtual mobile operator, which means that it relies on other physical networks. In this case, the operator relies on SFR, whose infrastructure is recognized for its quality in France and elsewhere. So you can take advantage of a small price for a great service. Due to the fact that many post offices are closed, the operator is dropping prices considerably.

If you do not want to spend more than 10 euros each month on your mobile plan, La Poste Mobile should know how to satisfy you. Its current subscription costs 9.99 euros per month for all calls, SMS and MMS unlimited, 30 GB of Internet in France and 10 GB of Internet in the EU. It’s definitely the best rate on the market for anyone who uses their data to that extent. Please note that the promotion will soon end, do not hesitate to react quickly so as not to miss it.

See the offer La Poste

La Poste Mobile also offers the first month with the promo code “TOUSCONNECTES”, a significant pleasure during this confinement period. Like the others, this cheap mobile plan is non-binding, which means that customers can leave it whenever they want.

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