3 easy-to-make scrambled egg recipes

3 easy-to-make scrambled egg recipes

3 easy-to-make scrambled egg recipes

Scrambled eggs are perfect for making a savory breakfast. Paired with sliced ​​turkey and raw vegetables, they give you all the energy you need to start the day off right. And it is possible to decline them in several different versions. Discover 3 original scrambled egg recipes.

Omelets, hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs … these are the first ideas that cross your mind when you crave eggs. Scrambled eggs are often left out and yet they are delicious and very light. They are quick and easy to prepare and if done right, their creamy, melting texture will sweeten your day. Discover our secrets for sure success with your scrambled eggs. You can prepare plain scrambled eggs to accompany your vegetables or add ingredients to make a complete meal. For a savory breakfast or Sunday morning brunch, scrambled eggs are perfect.

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Scrambled eggs with green beans for a complete meal

The Shepherd’s Egg Recipe

1. Cook fresh green beans. Discover all our tips for preparing your fresh green beans or from the garden and for successful cooking of green beans.

2. Butter them, salt them and cut them into regular pieces.

3. Add to the beaten eggs and cook. Sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

Scrambled eggs with onions to fill up with antioxidants

Savinus Egg Recipe

1. Beat the eggs with salt and pepper, add a little nutmeg.

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2. Bind in butter over low heat.

3. When they are creamy, add a little onion puree.

4. Finish cooking and place on a dish decorated with fried croutons.

Scrambled eggs with salsify to boost your immune system

The recipe for Paulette eggs

1. Fry a few floured salsify and dice them. Discover our quick and easy salsify recipes to enjoy without breaking the bank.

2. Mix them with the eggs before cooking.

Also discover Chef Cyril Lignac’s tip for obtaining very tasty scrambled eggs.

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