3 fingers thunder! ‘Praiwan’ posted a remembrance of King Rama IX, saying he respects many people who look at the institution differently from the ego. don’t think to interfere

13 Oct. 21 – Phra Mahapraiwan Worawano, a social activist Posted on Facebook on the occasion of the death of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, 13 October 2021 by Phra Maha Praiwan Write the message “Sabphang Ratthang Sukhang Hoti Raja Jay Hoti Dhammiko when the King is a righteous person. All the people are happy. #In remembrance of His Majesty’s grace

The post caught the attention of many netizens. Especially the 3-inch coalition who came to follow and admire Phra Maha Praiwan until it became a trend. DP is famous now It was found that a large number of Facebook users expressed their negative opinions towards the institution. But there were still some people who commented in remembrance of His Majesty King Rama IX as well.

However, Phra Maha Praiwan wrote a comment saying “I have clearly said in the live broadcast that I want to see the institution. Existence and dignity coupled with democracy” and also commented again that “This post, I wanted to post it, so I posted it myself. No one put a gun to my head to post. It’s not whether it’s to be or not to be. I respect many people who view institutions differently than I do. And I never thought of interfering to insult or devalue their opinions. Generosity is important to coexistence. And we should respect the views of others. This society should have more having to choose between being three hooves or a slime.”


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