3 reasons why Fyler pardoned Saleh Juma

3 reasons, Rene Vieler, the Swiss coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly club, prompted the complete forgiveness of the international player, Saleh Juma, the Red Castle playmaker, who was excluded during the last period because the famous coach was not convinced of his ability to provide a new club.

Al-Ahly is at the top of the Egyptian Premier League championship table, 17 points behind its nearest competitors, the Arab Contractors, and is competing in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, which is the tournament that the fans hope to achieve and re-appear in the Club World Cup finals again.

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Al-Ahly club officials closed the file of local external offers in favor of the team’s player after Swiss coach Rene Filer decided to give the player a new opportunity for 60 days, even though the club’s management through Amir Tawfiq, the contract manager, had started a journey to search for local and external offers to get rid of Saleh Juma except That things have changed in the recent period after the coach announced that Saleh Jumaa has a great opportunity to stay with the team during the next season if he took advantage of the opportunity he recently acquired with diligence and focus for two months, after which he will be entitled to participate in the matches, and although Fyler’s relationship with Saleh Jumah was strained during the period The past, against the background of the technical manager’s decision to exclude the player and put it up for sale, then the player came out with strong statements against the technical director, but the relationship has improved greatly in the last period and it became clear that Saleh Jumaa may get a second chance with the red genie.

Feiler was keen to follow Saleh Jumaa during the last period and found that there was a clear improvement in the player’s level, commitment, fitness and weight, and Vyler also received praise from his assistant team during the period in which Saleh fought individual and group exercises when the Swiss coach was on vacation in his country and returned to Cairo ten days ago Almost, in the face of these developments, Fyler informed his assistants that he would give Saleh Jumaa a second chance in Al-Ahli for 60 days, and the player could participate with the team in the matches if he kept his commitment, and if he succeeded in the treatment of technical errors that appeared in his performance in the stadium and previously, Failer complained, most importantly not to do the duty Defend and be satisfied when he loses the ball.

And Super Koura monitors the three reasons that prompted Rene Vyler to keep the benefit of his collection among his interests again during the past few days, especially as he had a background of the player’s inability to shine among the large group of ready players.


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