3 solutions when hypoglycemia occurs for diabetic patients

hypoglycemia (Hypoglycemia) is a condition that can be found in people with diabetes. It is caused by the body having a blood sugar level of less than 70 mg / deciliter, when patients with this condition often have palpitations, fatigue, lack of energy, dizziness, blurred vision, and rapid heartbeat. Unconsciousness and possibly coma

Allowing the body to suffer from hypoglycemia for a long time without rushing treatment It will cause the patient to go into convulsions and shock. Therefore, before the body enters a state of low blood sugar that is difficult to fix, today we have 3 ways to help solve the problem of low sugar for people with diabetes. Let’s see what those 3 solutions are. some

3 solutions when hypoglycemia occurs

1. Hurry up to eat sugary foods.

For those who start to realize that they are having hypoglycemia. Immediately eat foods that contain simple sugars to increase my blood sugar. Foods that contain simple sugars include sweeteners, syrups, honey, candies, raisins, fruit juices or soft drinks, sugar cubes, granulated sugar.

2. Test your blood sugar after eating.

after eating foods that contain simple sugars Test the blood sugar level using a finger prick within 15 minutes. If the sugar level is still low, eat again. But if unable to test the sugar level Let’s try to notice the symptoms yourself. If you still don’t feel normal To eat again and rush to the hospital.

3. Eat foods with complex sugars.

Complex sugar foods are starchy foods and rice. Let’s see if it’s close to our regular meal time now. If it’s almost time You can eat normally. But if our meal is still more than 1 hour, let us eat food with complex sugars to eat first. Whether it’s 1 white bread or you can drink 1 boxes of milk to prevent low sugar from coming back again.


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