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Rediscover the life before, walk freely in the streets, go to the shops to make your gifts, and in a month, celebrate Christmas. The scenario of deconfinement in France is becoming clearer and is announced in three stages. The first step is from November 28. Toy stores, florists and bookstores are expected to reopen with a strengthened protocol. A gauge no longer of 4 square meters, but of 8 square meters per person in shops. “Hairdressers are at this stage also concerned by the health protocol“, explained Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy.

The Christmas holidays mark the second stage. The French should be able to move and according to a ministerial adviser, “if the situation improves, there will be no need for a certificate to circulate at ChristmasThe third stage will be reached in January 2021, with a vice that will be released on sensitive places. These are those where wearing a mask is impossible, such as restaurants, bars, or sports halls.

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