3 techniques to take beautiful photos like a blogger with only one Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

Café Hopping is another popular lifestyle of modern people. That began with a passion for the unique aroma of coffee. and ends with posting cool content on social media Even now, there are coffee shops, cafes, many styles. Make it an opportunity for content creators to take photos or write reviews to tell their hip stories. It’s not difficult to take a photo that looks as stylish as a professional. Just having a smartphone that is full of cameras like the Galaxy A52s 5G, just one device is ready to make content. with many photo features who are ready to help the Café Hopper get beautiful photos in the blink of an eye Calling for likes from social media people is definitely landslide.

photo too Galaxy A52s 5G by Instagram: @opptimism

instant coffee Get the right picture in one shot with the feature Single Take

Have you ever bought coffee and then kept looking for a chic corner and arranged more props to make the picture as good as possible? Ready to post to social media to let the world know that we’ve come to check in here. But behind that, to get a beautiful picture Coffee that is delicious is gone, the ice has melted, the taste is already bland. But this problem will be solved with the Single Take feature in the Galaxy A52s 5G that will allow us to create up to 10 still images and videos in a single shot. as well as to automatically add effects, including photo editing and sound effects for videos Including choosing the best photos as well, so whether you’re taking a coffee cup or posing for a photo of yourself in the shop, you don’t have to waste your shutter time. or always check the picture This feature also helps keep every important moment. Whether it’s while the barista is making coffee in a special way. Moment for pouring toppings or setting a plate before eating or even our reaction when tasting food and drink It has arrived without any mistakes.

photo too Galaxy A52s 5G by Instagram: @opptimism

Increase food and drink ten times more palatable with lenses. Depth and 5MP Macro Lens

One of the things that attracts Café Hoppers to new cafés, besides the stylishly decorated ones Ready to take pictures from a variety of angles Food and beverages that taste good. Another thing that makes people want to visit the store. is to design the look of each menu to be Instagrammable which if we try to use a smartphone with a high resolution camera and a suitable lens like the 64 MP main camera and 5MP Depth lens in the Galaxy A52s 5G that help adjust the focus on the face after melting smoothly Make the subject you want to emphasize in the picture stand out from the background. Along with a 5MP Macro lens that allows you to take sharp close-ups without missing any details. whether orange flakes in drinks or coffee beans can be collected without missing And if during the shooting an unexpected event occurs Like rain or spilled drinks on your smartphone, don’t worry because Galaxy A52s 5G comes with IP67 waterproof performance, allowing you to use your smartphone continuously. Take photos to create content to the fullest. no problem

photo too Galaxy A52s 5G by Instagram: @opptimism

how beautiful the shop It can be stored with the lens. Ultra Wide

A beautiful shop is more than half the battle won. because for the content making line Having an angle to shoot is one of the first reasons. that we plan to go to one of the stores which when it arrived If you want to easily capture a full view of the store’s decor without bumping into others in the store, the Galaxy A52s 5G’s 12MP Ultra Wide lens should be able to capture a wide angle of up to 123°, allowing for interior photography. The shop has a wide angle. see details even more even when standing in a limited corner

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