3 tips for a successful real estate negotiation

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Seller or buyer, you want to sell or buy at the best price, and this can go through the negotiation of the price of a property. But negotiating can not be improvised, so you must rely on information and serious and reliable elements that will strengthen your arguments for a higher or lower price.

Start by studying the real estate market to negotiate the price of a property

To negotiate the price of a property still needs to know if it is negotiable. To do this, it is imperative to start by making a real estate estimate of the property and study the local real estate market, the municipality or the neighborhood where the housing is located. But in this respect, nothing should be left to chance, which is why it is better to rely on reliable information. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, negotiating the price of real estate can not succeed without precise information on the sector where the property is located, because it allows you to prepare your arguments. Today, few sales are made without prior negotiation, and some achieve significant variation that depends on the arguments put forward. A map of real estate prices is therefore essential to analyze the market and engage in a serious discussion about the selling price.

Analyze precisely the strengths and weaknesses

If you are a real estate salesman, it is interesting to train the list of the highlights of your accommodation, in order to put them forward if you had to negotiate the selling price with an acquirer. Take stock of the features that make your home out of the lot. It can be the presence of a balcony or a terrace for an apartment, exceptional equipment such as a swimming pool or a Jacuzzi, an unobstructed view, natural light in the living rooms, etc.

Conversely, if you are a buyer, you can identify the characteristics that can lead you to offer a lower price. These elements can be diverse, but they must always be concrete. It may be an orientation that is not ideal, renovation work to be done, lack of amenities near the property or a layout of rooms that leaves something to be desired.

Prepare your arguments upstream

To convince your interlocutor that the price you are offering is the right one, do not hesitate to prepare your arguments before the negotiation. The fact of relying on reliable and serious figures concerning the real estate market obviously makes it possible to give more credibility to your position, because it is about relevant and just elements on which individuals and professionals rely to fix the price of real estate.

Take the time to observe everything in the housing to analyze strengths and weaknesses, write one by one each of your arguments and even try to anticipate the answer of your interlocutor, you will appear all the more convincing.


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