3 Tricks for Successful Online Dating

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JAKARTA – All restaurants, malls, movie halls and other romantic vacation spots close doors, following government regulations due to the corona virus pandemic. This condition makes those who are looking for a little romance, candlelight dinner, and watching a movie together have no other choice to have to stay at home.

Does this mean that dating someone is also affected? Not. As reported by the Times of India, the number of customers on online dating sites has increased during quarantine. This means that more people like online dating.

So, the competition to attract someone’s attention online is quite high, right? This is the right time to do online dating. Here are some tips that are really needed to help you succeed through online dating.

1. Profile and bio image
When you use an online dating platform, the first thing that catches the attention of other users is your profile picture and bio. Because it’s very important to keep both of them real. Editing too much, placing fake images or pictures of yourself younger is an absolute disaster.

Bio is what presents you as an ideal candidate. Therefore you must be very smart, avoid cliches, and lie when describing yourself. If you need to select a profile picture and write a bio before uploading it online and ask a friend, better than the opposite sex, to give their views. You will then get an idea of ​​how it will work online.

Defend the ‘mystery’ of air Online dating is almost like dating someone in real life. Imagine you meet someone for the first time. Now compare with a date who likes to maintain an aura of mystery Doesn’t the last one sound more interesting and promising? The same thing happens with online dating. Instead of letting that person know everything about you on the first online date itself, you should save something for the next meeting. Others must be curious to know what will happen next. That’s how one date will develop to another.

2. Avoid making jokes or sexual innuendo
If you have used an online dating platform before, you will not be surprised to find how common people use that platform to make sexual requests. This is absolutely not allowed. Refrain from making jokes and sexual innuendo and other people doing the same thing, politely asking him not to do it again.

3. Don’t be too dramatic or too quiet
Now, some people end up being too dramatic or too secretive when they are dating online. We can understand why they behave that way. First, it is not easy for someone to depend on a phone or laptop to find romance. Because of this, they froze and finally acted and talked funny.

The best way to avoid this is to let the other person lead the conversation. That will keep you from having trouble finding the topic. But this does not mean that you will truly embrace the oath of silence. Try to express your opinions and views without being too strong or dramatic. Keep your voice tone normal and conversation light.


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