3 video games of the week: Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, Nintendo Switch Sports and Moto GP22

In the twists and turns of video game production, Le Café du Geek selects for you the 3 most significant releases of the week. Good news, we have what appears to be a new Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Gate tactical strategy game benchmark — Daemonhunters. You can burn off your calories with Nintendo Switch Sports or feel like a motorsport champion with Moto GP22.

Warhammer 40 000 Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters

Video games and Warhammer 40,000 are a long love story. The games follow each other, often look alike, are not always at the top technically and yet we hang on. With this latest version, we are entitled to a double happiness. First, we have an original story that explores little-known areas of this universe. You will take the head of the Gray Knights, a secret chapter which is specialized in the elimination of the demons of the Warp, in short they are great Space Marines. The cosmic perversion. As you return from a victorious campaign, but which has bled you white, an inquisitor requisitions you for a new crusade.

A not very original scenario, but which does the job and installs us in the universe. The gameplay is the second revolution. No more soporific turn-based, with slow animations and not always fluid controls. Here, Xcom 2 is the inspiration and it works like a charm. It is very easy to understand the powers of each of your knights and apply them. You have to gauge between melee attacks, with ranged weapons and psychic powers, see two combined together.

Technically, the game is really pretty, much neater than the previous ones. The details abound the animation is very fluid and detailed. Add during certain actions animations centered on the action which brings a real dynamism. The music is quite ordinary, but the sound effects have their little effect.

Warhammer 40 000 Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, notre avis

An excellent vintage, this Warhammer 40,000, well thought out, captivating, offering great tactical possibilities. Fans of the genre will love it, even if this universe is unknown to them.

Nintendo Switch Sports

This test is a real test, because by default the author of these lines writes Wii Sports instead of Switch Sports. After this old stuff, let’s talk about the latest video game title to lose calories. More than 15 years after the Wii, we now have a date in the sprawling sports complex of Spocco Square. Regulars of the Wii game will find chambara, bowling and tennis. Nintendo adds football, badminton and finally volleyball. Good thing, golf will make its appearance by this fall. Other sports should be added over time and hopefully free of charge.

After customizing your Mii you can play any of these sports. Don’t forget the wrist strap attached to your wrist. Quickly the magic works and we simply hang on. The musical atmosphere is catchy, the person/machine interface is of a rare naturalness. Just think of the joy-con as an extension of your hand and you’ve got the gameplay figured out. A perfect game for several and even more so with the family. Junior, like senior to face the other age groups without worries.

Nintendo has added little things to improve everyday life. For example, we have the possibility of shooting at goal (with an accessory, leg strap), the chambara can be played in Battle Royal. It is little and yet it brings a lot of freshness. Technically, not much to say, as much the music is nice, as much the graphics are in a Mii minimalism.

Nintendo Switch Sports, notre avis

The new essential for your toy library, especially if you like to play with your family. This title is perfect to liven up a somewhat gloomy evening, an afternoon in the rain. In addition, a video game that burns calories, you must not miss it!

Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch)

Nintendo Switch Sports

Moto GP22

Moto GP21 suffered the pangs of expectations linked to the appearance of Next-Gen consoles. The 2022 version aims to be more conquering. It already starts with a career mode that is more complete. Admittedly, it goes beyond the sequence of races, but it could be deeper like on WRC10 for example. Another candy, a scripted mode Nine: Season 2009. Fans of the genre will thrill to help relive one of the most legendary seasons seeing four champions compete in 17 grand prix. It is rich in archival documents and even offers new challenges.

Gameplay level, here we have our third split-screen surprise. Yes, even if this mode is increasingly rare in motorsport games, it is sorely lacking. The pleasure of playing between two friends in front of the same screen may be old-school but so good. The control is very realistic, requires a certain skill. We really liked the sensations that the game offers in the hands.

The artificial intelligence of your opponents is of a very good level, aggressive without running into you. Technically, it’s better than the 2021 version, flawless fluidity at 60 FPS, more anti-aliasing or almost, beautiful lighting effects. However, it remains in the high average, but still too average. The Next-Gens can do much better.

Moto GP22, our opinion

There is better, it will satisfy fans of the genre, but it is not yet the essential game that we would like to have in hand. There are many good things, beginners will appreciate, but the pros of this type of game will remain a bit unsatisfied.

MotoGP 22 (PS5)

MotoGP 22 D1 EDITION (PlayStation 5)

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