3 years ago, talk about the fit Andy Lau!Xie Jinyan burst: Once a dream came true…but it became the saddest thing this year

(Picture/Retrieved from IG, newspaper information photo)

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At the Golden Horse Awards ceremony in 2018, when “elder sister” Xie Jinyan served as the presenter, she once said to major directors that she hoped that there would be a movie in the future to find herself as the heroine, and the actor will be Andy Lau. Unexpectedly, 3 years have passed, and now Xie Jinyan broke the news on IG for a limited time. Originally, there was an opportunity to co-star with Andy Lau this year, but the saddest thing is that this cooperation opportunity was cancelled due to the epidemic.

Xie Jinyan shouted to Andy Lau when she was young: “It’s not he who doesn’t marry.” So in 2018, when Andy Lau attended the Golden Horse Awards, she made a wish in person on the stage, hoping that there will be a movie “The heroine is Xie Jinyan, the actor is “Andy Lau”, at the time Andy Lau gave a thumbs up when he heard it, and finally when he came to the stage to present the awards, “I hope you will find me the hero of your next movie, the heroine…Xie Jinyan” to help her sister win the opportunity for cooperation between the two.

(Picture/Retrieved from IG)
(Picture/Retrieved from IG)

Xie Jinyan launched a fan question and answer event on IG last night. One of the fans asked her about the most joyful and saddest things in 2021. Xie Jinyan revealed that the most joyous thing this year is that there is a movie that can play Andy Lau’s wife, but the saddest. Yes, this cooperation opportunity was cancelled due to the epidemic. She also said, “Do you think I’m joking? I’m just keeping a low profile.”


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