30 kilograms of cougar invaded their homeland, Yong mom repelled with bare hands and rescued 5-year-old

A mother bravely fought a cougar weighing 30 kilograms to rescue her son. (Photo/Retrieved from Unilad)

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A horror incident occurred in Calabasas, California, on the 26th. A puma weighing about 30 kilograms broke into a house and attacked the family’s young 5-year-old son. After discovering that the child had been attacked, the boy’s mother immediately rushed to the child to fight the puma with her bare hands, regardless of her own safety. After repelling it, he drove his son to the hospital with her husband for treatment.

According to a report by “Unilad”, at the time of the incident, a 5-year-old boy was playing near his home. At this time, the cougar suddenly appeared and attacked the boy, then dragged it across the lawn in front of the house. The prey is brought back to the nest. The boy’s cries alarmed his mother, who hurriedly went out to check, and saw a big cougar attacking his son.

The mother was frightened when her son was attacked by a beast. Then she didn’t know where she had the courage. She immediately rushed to fight the cougar with her bare hands. After fighting it back bravely, she hurriedly drove with her husband and took the child to the hospital. treatment.

In an interview with the media, the Secretary and Spokesperson of the Department of Fish and Wildfire, Patrick Foy, stated that the puma attempted to drag the boy across the lawn in front of the house, resulting in the boy’s upper body and head. Both were seriously injured. Fortunately, he was rescued and sent to the hospital in time. The boy is currently in stable condition and is receiving treatment in the hospital.

After receiving the notification, the relevant local department immediately sent an officer to the scene and found a puma hiding in the bushes behind a house, constantly roaring, as if waiting for an opportunity to attack. The officer immediately killed the puma, and then verified through inspection that it was the same one that attacked the boy. The report pointed out that another mountain lion was subsequently found in the area. The authorities immediately sent someone to deal with it, sedated it, and then took it to a safe area for wild release.


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