30 runner coaches “I can’t see it at all” Yukyo Shuto’s “confidence” that gave birth to a dramatic goodbye | Full-Count

Head coach Shirai said at a press conference after returning home that there were 30 runner coaches on the bench…

On the 25th, softbank infielder Yukyo Shuto, catcher Takuya Kai, and infielder Taisei Makihara visited PayPay Dome, the home of Samurai Japan, where an open match with Hiroshima will be held. Shuto said, “I think it was a very valuable time,” after finishing the fierce battle in the WBC, which shone as the world’s best.

Speaking of Shuto, the home-in of Sayonara in the semi-final game against Mexico was the highlight of the tournament. He was sent as a substitute runner for outfielder Masanao Yoshida with a chance of 1st and 2nd base in the 9th inning with 1 point behind. When Murakami hit the ball over the midfielder’s head, he ran from first base without hesitation and survived to the home of Sayonara.

At the moment of the home-in, “No, I was really happy, and I wanted to leave a mark somehow because I was participating in the qualifying with few turns, and Murakami hit a great ball there. So I was grateful to have you direct the highlight,” said Shuto. He also thanked Murakami for the goodbye.

At a press conference after returning to Japan, head coach Kazuyuki Shirai said, “As a third base coach, it was a very difficult scene to turn or stop, but all the players had 30 runner coaches on the bench, so I was afraid of anything. I was able to turn it around without any trouble.” But what kind of scenery did you actually see in Shuto?

“I can’t see it at all. When I saw the batted ball, I thought I could go,” Shuto recalled with a laugh. He survived at a speed that seemed to catch up with second base runner Shohei Otani (Angels). I was watching the movement of the center, but I thought I would pass,” he said, revealing that he had made a start with confidence.

(Yusuke Fukutani / Yusuke Fukutani)

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