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303 power outage Xingda critical 22 minutes, the Ministry of Economic Affairs disclosed the monitor image for the first time (photographed by reporter Fang Binzhao)

[Reporter Huang Peijun/Taipei Report]The Economic Committee of the Legislative Yuan asked the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taipower to report on the 303 power outage. The Minister of Economic Affairs, Wang Meihua, first disclosed the surveillance video of the man-made accident at the Xingda Power Plant at the time of the report, which was disclosed from 8:54 to 9 am The critical 22-minute situation occurred at 16:00.

The video shows that in order to test whether the isolation switch 3541 of Xingda Power Plant can operate normally, the maintenance personnel asked the duty supervisor in the control room of the switchyard to operate the switch. At 8:54, the head teacher on duty entered the field for confirmation. From 8:55 to 9:14, the supervisor on duty waited for the on-site personnel to confirm the status of the switchgear.

At 9:15, the head teacher on duty squatted down and prepared to close the isolation switch 3541; at 9:16, following the operation was put into “close” (close the circuit breaker to make it energized), the accident occurred, and the monitor was powered off at the same time, and the film was terminated.

Regarding the overall cause of the 303 power outage, the report pointed out that three fatal coincidences were “chained together”, which resulted in a power outage affecting 5.49 million households and affecting the whole of Taiwan. The first one is the human error operation of Xingda Power Plant as shown in the video, resulting in a short circuit of the equipment.

The report pointed out that Xingda 345kV North Switchyard was overhauled and the circuit breaker was maintained at the same time. Among them, No. 3540 was extracted and recovered due to the high water content of sulfur hexafluoride in the insulating gas. However, when the operator tested the isolation switch 3541 on the 3rd, he did not confirm the condition of the insulating gas before operating it, resulting in a short-circuit grounding fault.

The second is that the new protection relay in the factory misjudged the old equipment data, resulting in the overflow of short-circuit current to the Longzaki substation. The report pointed out that the equipment in the Xingda factory is an older mechanical type, and it takes 7 seconds to power on and start, but the protection relay has been updated to a smarter digital type, and the small radio wave within 5 seconds is judged as a disturbance false signal. Due to the logic mismatch between the two, the protection relay is not activated.

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The third is that the Ryuzaki Substation, the important town of Southern Power Transmission to the North, is being overhauled, resulting in the original design of the diversion not working, causing the Southern No. 7 power plant to trip once.

The report pointed out that Ryuzaki designed the north-south shunt, and only half of the busbars should be affected; however, due to the annual repair of 4 lines that were disabled and the rest merged, the grouping protection failed, and the short-circuit current hit all the busbars once.

However, because Longqi is a power transmission hub from the south to the north, up to 7 large power plants are connected, which caused all the trips and large-scale power outages, and affected the instantaneous frequency of the entire power grid in Taiwan, causing low-frequency unloading in the central and northern regions, and power outages that affected the entire Taiwan.

And if none of these three fatal coincidences did not happen, it would not cause a blackout in Taiwan. The report also pointed out that the main reason for power outages was due to human negligence and grid design flaws, not power shortages, but also highlighted the neglect of grid construction in the past.

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