32-core Ice Lake-SP processor is better than 64-core AMD EPYC processor, Intel says

20% higher on LAMMPS and NAMD STMV, 30% on Monte Carlo.

On the occasion of Supercomputing 2020, Intel gave new details on its future third generation Xeon Scalable processors, the Ice Lake-SP. Engraved in 10 nm SuperFin, these will land during the first quarter of 2021. This range will contain chips with at best 32 cores; but according to Intel, a 32-core Ice Lake-SP outperforms a 64-core AMD EPYC processor.

Indeed, a slide states that two Xeon Ice Lake processors clocked at 2.2 GHz and associated with 256 GB of DDR4-3400 deliver 20-30% more performance than two 64-core processors. AMD EPYC 7742 at 2.25 GHz, also supported by the same amount of memory, but in DDR4-3200. The key to this success: a Sunny Cove CPU architecture that will replace the aging Skylake combined with reduced engraving finesse.

Up to 6TB of DDR4-3200

However, it will be necessary to see what these Ice Lake-SP are worth in other tests. This summer, we had already seen Xeon Ice Lake-SP processors facing an EPYC Rome chip on Geekbench; they were only 28-core chips for Intel, but even two to one they were far from outclassing their rival.

We also learn from the slides that these Xeon Ice Lake-SPs are capable of handling up to eight channels of DDR4-3200 memory for a total capacity of 6TB. They also support the 64-lane PCIe 4.0 interface.

Source : Tom’s Hardware US

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