35 elderly died after vaccination, probably due to pre-existing problems | NOW

So far, 35 deaths have been reported in the Netherlands after a vaccination against COVID-19, according to the side effects center Lareb know Tuesday. That is twenty more than the organization last week reported. According to Lareb, these are vulnerable elderly people with serious underlying health problems. These problems are the most obvious explanation for the deaths, according to the organization.

Agnes Kant, epidemiologist and director at Lareb, emphasizes that a death after vaccination does not mean that the death was caused by the vaccination.

In the days after vaccination, a number developed complaints that are known as side effects, such as fever, nausea and generally unwell. These complaints are not the cause of death, but may have contributed to the deterioration of their already fragile health status. “

Following mortality among the elderly in Norway, the pharmacovigilance committee of the European medicine watchdog EMA has investigated the link between the death of frail elderly and vaccination against COVID-19. There was no link discovered. Earlier, the Norwegian health authorities reported that no link had been demonstrated.

Nearly four thousand side effects reports so far

According to Lareb, 3,945 reports of side effects have been received so far, 3,692 of which after inoculation with the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. In addition, the center received 204 reports of adverse reactions to Moderna’s vaccine. The type of vaccine was not entered in 49 reports.

The most commonly reported side effects are muscle pain, headache and puncture site reactions such as pain, swelling and a feeling of warmth. Complaints such as feeling unwell, fatigue, chills, nausea and fever were also common. “These complaints are also consistent with the effect of the corona vaccines. The vaccines stimulate the body’s defense against the corona virus. In most people the symptoms are mild and disappear after a few days,” said Kant.

Lareb has also received dozens of reports of severe allergic reactions, such as extensive rashes and swelling around the eyes or throat. “All patients were treated and recovered quickly and adequately. Severe allergic reactions after a vaccination are rare, but cannot be ruled out”, says the Lareb chairman.


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