37 arrests, Gabriel Attal considers the violence on the island “intolerable and unacceptable”

The government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, denounced, Sunday, November 21, a situation “Intolerable and unacceptable” in Guadeloupe, where the challenge to the compulsory vaccination of caregivers degenerates into blockages and violence. The night from Saturday to Sunday was once again agitated on the island, where fires and looting took place, which led to the arrest of 37 demonstrators. “Our area was marked by looting of shops, especially in the town of Lamentin, where a small shopping center was attacked with a backhoe loader”, declared the command of the gendarmerie of Guadeloupe.

Reinforcements of police and gendarmes sent from mainland France, including GIGN and RAID units, should arrive on Sunday in the island, said Gabriel Attal during an interview on Europe 1, CNews and The echoes. “This small minority who blocked by words, by words (…), today she is radicalized and she tries to block them, to intimidate them with violence ”, he denounced, evoking “Threatened caregivers”, “Pharmacies prevented from opening” and “Ambulances blocked on roadblocks”.

The General Union of Workers of Guadeloupe (UGTG), at the initiative of the protest that shakes the island, called on Saturday “To continue the mobilization and to strengthen the pickets of popular demands”, in a press release.

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During the night from Friday to Saturday, marked by numerous degradations, police officers and gendarmes were targeted by shots, causing a slight injury, despite the curfew imposed from Friday evening.

Since the summer, the vaccination rate has increased in Guadeloupe, with a rate of nearly 90% of caregivers vaccinated, but does not exceed 35% in the general population.

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