38% of French people reduced their sports practice during confinement

Nearly 40% of French people slowed down their sports practice during the spring 2020 confinement even if the sports practice of all French people remained stable in 2020 compared to 2018, according to a barometer from the National Youth Institute and popular education (Injep) and Credoc published Monday by the Ministry of Sports. The previous barometer dates back to 2018, the year in which 66% of French people said they had practiced at least one physical and sports activity in the past 12 months. They are 65% in 2020. During the almost two months of confinement, 38% of all French people have reduced their activity. Against the grain, 20% of them did more sport during this period. Those who continued to practice hiked, walked, jogged, and exercised. The spring 2020 containment plunged the general indicator from 65% to 53%.

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