38 vaccinated residents of a nursing home in Erquelinnes are positive for Covid: “None is symptomatic”

In Hainaut, 96% of the residents of a home were vaccinated in Erquelines. However, in recent days, new cases of Covid have emerged. 28 people have tested positive. They are not sick, but it is proof that we can be vaccinated and still carry the disease.

Civil protection is on site to facilitate relocations and disinfect the premises. Positive residents are gathered on the top floor, or one in three residents. But the situation is very different from that experienced a year ago in other nursing homes. “None are symptomatic. No one shows any signs of illness. You should also know that our vaccination rate is quite exceptional. The vaccine protects us and the residents of a severe form of the disease. So we are not going to develop a serious form, but that does not prevent the virus from circulating. The virus will not circulate until the entire population is vaccinated. It’s the only way”, indicates Frédéric Soupart, director of the residence of the flowered district.

Suspended visits

This residence had so far escaped the Covid. Visits are therefore suspended to protect the outside world because today it is families who are at risk. “We can’t go home now, we no longer have the right to visitors. I find myself in front of my mother’s window “, testifies Eddy Mairiaux, 82-year-old son of Paulette.

The origin of the cases is undetermined

“The absence of contacts for the elderly, I find that this is what affects them the most since they are not affected in their physical health”, underlines David Lavaux, mayor of Erquelinnes.

A resident returned positive from the hospital. He had been placed in quarantine. But the origin of the cases is undetermined.

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