4.8 million yen for the purchase of two luxury watches, a crude product “I borrowed money from Yoshimoto Kogyo” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

 Marbled MyojoCrudeHowever, his own released on July 20thYouTubeHe talked about the watch collection in a video on the channel.

Originally I wasn’t interested in watches, but when the glass of Patek Philippe “Calatrava”, a luxury watch, broke due to a manager’s mistake, he said, “I can’t live without a watch. I’m lonely.” I was addicted to it.

Regarding the watch that was repaired and returned in Switzerland, the price was explained again as “3.49 million yen”. When his companion’s fault touched him and said, “It smells like Switzerland,” he stopped saying “What are you doing!”

Another watch-savvy manager explained about Patek Philippe, “I long for someone who has a Rolex. I want to have a Patek someday.” The crude product grinned, “I like it. It feels good.”

When asked about the charm of the watch, the crude product laughs, “It’s cool. It’s astringent, I’m.”

In addition, he released the second Rolex “Milgauss” and revealed that the price was around 1.3 million yen. His father, who died of soshina, said he liked Rolex during his lifetime, and said, “I’ve been leaning toward (restaurant) management and sold everything. So I want it too.”

Seiya laughed with a blur, saying, “Your name is ok. It’s like a fusion of Milk Boy and Master (Nakada) Kaus.”

Regarding these watches, it is revealed that the crude product was purchased by borrowing from Yoshimoto Kogyo, saying, “Yoshimoto has a (pee and regulation sound) yen debt.” In addition, the crude product also showed the Grand Seiko chronograph, which is said to have been given to a senior former entertainer.

Various voices were written in the comment section of YouTube in the story of the crude product.

《I was addicted to watches when I thought I was gambling and making money …》

《If it sold a little earlier, I might have been delighted in my heart even though I was forced to buy a luxury watch.》
《If you attach Patek and smoke a cigar, it ’s almost a mafia w》

“In this video, Soshina seems not to be satisfied with the collection yet, and declared,’I’m going to increase it a little. I’ll make it a hobby.'” (Entertainment writer)

It’s a crude product familiar with music and gambling, but it seems that he has a new hobby.


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