4 Artists Respond to Allegations of Lesti Kejora Pregnant Before Marrying Rizky Billar, Shireen Sungkar’s Answer is Highlighted

PR TASIKMALAYA – News about Ready Kejora suspected pregnant first before marriage Rizky Billiards viral on social media.

The allegation began when several artists were asked about the condition of the stomach Ready Kejora at the thanksgiving ceremony after the wedding Rizky Billiards.

Some of the artists who spoke out about the allegations Ready Kejora pregnant that’s one of them Armand Maulana, Kiky Saputri, Master Maulana, and Shireen Sungkar.

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Because the stomach Ready Kejora considered distended before officially married Rizky Billiards.

So, the media crew was curious and asked a number of artists about the actual condition of the stomach Ready Kejora during the Thanksgiving event.

Summarized PikiranRakyat-Tasikmalaya.com from the channels of Surya Citra Televisi, Indosiar, Intens Investigasi and Hitz Infotainment, along with 4 artists who spoke about the news Ready Kejora pregnant before marriage Rizky Billiards.

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First you the media asked Armand Maulana who happened to be present at the tasyakur pickle Rizky Billiards and Ready Kejora.

1. Armand Maulana

Source: YouTube Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV), YouTube Hitz Infotainment, YouTube Indosiar, YouTube Intense Investigation


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