4 Benefits of Protection for Families

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – days Cancer Child Worldwide every February 15th is the most natural reminder that we all continue to be vigilant disease turn this off.

Cancer on child is still a crucial health problem in parts of the world, including Indonesia. The biggest obstacle faced by Indonesia in overcoming cancer in children is the difficulty of prevention and early detection.

In addition, there are also misdiagnoses or delays, lack of access to health facilities, and the risk of cancer recurrence after treatment are obstacles to recovery.

Cancer cases in children in Indonesia are actually quite rare, but this disease is one of the main causes of death in children every year. From the results of several studies, every year in Indonesia there are around 11,000 children who are newly diagnosed with cancer.

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In connection with this, my Financial Planning, Harryka Joddy P., CFP®, believes that this is a serious concern for every parent in providing protection right for her child from cancer.

“As we all know, once diagnosed with cancer, it will have a significant financial impact on a family,” he said.

For example, in a cancer treatment that can happen to a child, it will cost tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah. If it is not accompanied by adequate health and protection facilities, this is a financial problem for a family.

Of course it is an extra obligation of the father as the head of the family to be able to anticipate this case does not happen. Harryka said, one way is to have protection in the form of disease critical for her children.

According to him, in insurance, there are several types of products that can cover critical illnesses such as cancer, namely traditional and unit-linked products.

In terms of use, it returns to the needs of a family and the ability of parents to pay for their contributions.


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