4 new series to discover on Netflix

Good news for serivores! Lots of new TV shows are indeed reaching out to you on Netflix. Or rather the continuation of several flagship series of the famous streaming platform. As long as you expect, the new seasons of “Ragnarok”, “The Kominsky Method”, “Lucifer” or even “Master of None” are finally available!

On the program: action, fantasy, humor, but also love… That’s all that awaits you this weekend on Netflix! With episodes to devour without moderation!

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After being a little revealed through an epic teaser, season 2 of “Ragnarok” finally arrives on Netflix to the delight of fans of Norse mythology.

It is with pleasure that we find Magne and his brother Laurits after a finale full of suspense in season 1. Like the latter, the sequel is still as exciting. This second season of “Ragnarok” is a real mine of emotions, but also revelations and twists as much for the heroes as for their detractors.

Just like them, you won’t have a single minute to breathe!

Did you love seasons 1 and 2 of “The Kominsky Method”?

In this case, you absolutely must not miss the third and final season of the series! We find there the drama teacher Sandy Kominsky who has to deal with the disappearance of his friend and longtime sidekick, Norman Newlander. The latter bequeathed him a check for 10 million dollars, but also the problems that go with it … Kominsky will have to deal with the return of his ex-wife.

Laughter, emotion and distinguished guests: this is what awaits you in this final season of “The Kominsky Method”. The show is always carried brilliantly by a Michael Douglas at the top of his form. Clever little people such as Morgan Freeman or Barry Levinson will also point the tip of their nose for a few episodes. You will have a lot of fun!

Lucifer – season 5, part 2

Since the time that Lucifer fans have been waiting for this sequel, it’s finally on Netflix! It must be said that after the final mega twist of part 1 of the fifth season, we were all impatient to finally be able to watch the second part.

Well get ready, because this sequel promises to be simply… explosive. Not only do we have two Lucifers for the price of one, but God himself has decided to join in the fun. And without forgetting the war that looms on the horizon, waged on one side by Lucifer and on the other by Michael, his terrible twin brother. What if it doesn’t promise something just awesome? Be careful, you may well no longer pick up your TV!

After four years of uncertainty about the future of the series, “Master of None” returns with a third season full of love.

The latter, however, has the particularity of focusing on Denise, a rather secondary character of the first two seasons. The new season follows her life, but above all her beautiful love story with Alicia, the ups and downs, the laughter and the tears… The trailer promises a very intimate sequel, the kind that makes you want to be watched well warm under the duvet. You will be able to devour the five episodes of the series in one go …

The Netflix program for the month of June is known and it awaits you at this address.


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