4 out of 10 Belgians are ready for the “smart home”

Connected devices in and around the house are on the rise in Belgium.

According to a study by Samsung, 4 out of 10 Belgians firmly believe in the usefulness of smart homes. They believe that connected devices make life easier for them at home, save them money and increase their sense of security.

It’s not for nothing that 127 new devices are connected to the internet per second around the world and, according to forecasts, by 2025, some 64 billion devices will be connected. By the end of this year alone, no less than 13 billion smart devices will have been installed in our homes.

The Samsung study also shows an ever-growing and accelerating interest in smart homes. Over the past two years, the company has seen the number of users of its SmartThings app more than quintuple. The app not only controls Samsung products, but also those of over 130 other brands, such as Philips Hue lights, Honeywell thermostats and Ring doorbells.

Worldwide, the counter now displays 147 million registered users, including 1 million Belgians. This means that around 1 in 9 adults in our country own at least one smart device. A figure confirmed by the imec Digimeter.

According to Belgians surveyed, smart home appliances mainly save costs by monitoring energy and water consumption (41%), facilitate daily activities at home (34%) and increase the feeling of security (29%).

Finally, in the top 3 favorite connected devices of Belgians, there are smart TVs, thermostats and lighting.

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