4 priorities of Vietnam’s diplomacy 2023

(PLO)- In the context of complicated and unpredictable developments in the world in 2023, Vietnam hopes to promote responsible, flexible, creative and effective diplomatic activities.

Talk with Ho Chi Minh City Law On the occasion of the new year 2023, Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong (former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam (VN) in Myanmar, former Counselor of the Mission in the US) shared the focus and key diplomatic methods of Vietnam. to adapt to a world that is forecast to be complex, challenging and unpredictable in 2023.


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+ Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong (Photo): It is true that the world over the past year continued to be volatile, complex and unpredictable. Political and security risks are gradually escalating to the highest level in many years. The stagnation of the world economy goes hand in hand with high inflation. Supply chains and global trade suffered great damage, leading to a decline in investment. The “whirlpool” of competition between great powers continues to be the most complex and intense since the Cold War.

However, the good news is that the world also has many bright spots, typically international links continue to develop, especially “digital links”. For Vietnam, the good news is that the Asia-Pacific region still maintains a positive growth rate. Solutions to mobilize forces, especially multilateral cooperation, continue to be promoted and take place flexibly. Countries join hands to solve many problems of health, environment, green technology, culture, society…

Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong

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+ The world context has created advantages and opportunities intertwined with difficulties and challenges, as well as more complex requirements for Vietnam. I want to emphasize the efforts of all ministries, departments, and all people in the year of 2022 with many changes and difficulties. For diplomacy, we have pioneered four tasks: (i) Creating and maintaining a peaceful and stable environment for development; (ii) deepening relations with many important partners; (iii) take advantage of opportunities and effectively attract external resources, contributing to the recovery and sustainable development and (iv) enhancing the position and prestige of Vietnam.

Party and State leaders in the past year have participated in a lot of face-to-face and online activities, conducted many official visits to neighboring countries, important partners and traditional friends. In particular, the visit of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to China, contributed to deepening the strategic partnership, and set a long-term orientation for the bilateral relationship. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visited the US for seven days with 60 activities both bilaterally and multilaterally in four major US cities. Vietnam also welcomes many high-level delegations not only from strategic partner countries but also leaders of multilateral organizations such as the United Nations (UN).

Typically, Vietnam has been elected to important positions, especially Vice President of the 77th UN General Assembly, a member of the UN Human Rights Council for the 2023-2025 term, and a member of the UNESCO Executive Council for the term. 2021-2025. Multilateral forums such as the Francophonie Summit, the Conference on Coordination of Actions and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum highly appreciated the positivity, proactively and raised the initiative of Vietnam. The Permanent Court of Arbitration (an international dispute settlement agency) has also trusted to open a representative office in Hanoi.

4 priorities of Vietnam's diplomacy 2023 photo 2
State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and officers and soldiers of the 1st Engineer Team and Level 2 Field Hospital No.4 set off to carry out the UN peacekeeping mission. Photo: Thong Nhat/VNA


. To achieve the remarkable achievements mentioned above, how has the diplomatic service linked and coordinated with domestic and international ministries and agencies?

+ Regarding the economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has organized many activities to help localities, economic groups, enterprises, etc. to connect with trade and investment partners; supporting the signing of international cooperation documents; protect Vietnam’s legitimate interests in commercial disputes. The fact that 100 containers of cashew nuts exported to Italy, suspected of being scammed, have been returned to Vietnamese enterprises as an example of the positive contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially the Vietnamese representative agencies in the country. outside, into economic diplomacy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also proposes many new economic linkage initiatives and provides economic policy advice to the Government when participating in multilateral international economic dialogue programs. In particular, Vietnam has coordinated with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to develop a very complete and detailed national economic report.

In 2023, there are many important commemoration events, typically the 10th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive partnership with the US, the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Japan, France, the Netherlands, Australia, and Belgium… Vietnam and other countries will organize many commemorative programs, bilateral forums and diplomatic, economic, cultural and social activities to promote mutual understanding and improve relations.

Regarding security, the diplomatic sector actively implements exchange and cooperation mechanisms with parties related to Vietnam’s security, such as neighboring countries, countries in the region, and countries having maritime disputes with Vietnam. . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam actively promotes the negotiation of a Code of Conduct in the East Sea (COC) between ASEAN and China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries and branches maintain good border management cooperation with China, Laos and Cambodia, and negotiate the delimitation of an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) with Indonesia. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also actively participates in and provides good support to the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Public Security, etc. to effectively conduct political-security dialogues with partner countries.

Regarding tourism, embassies, consulates and consulates play a very important role in renewing the image of Vietnam recovering well after the pandemic. These agencies also organize and participate in cultural exchange events – tourism promotion in many countries. Typically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contributed together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, as well as related ministries and agencies to adopt the Vietnam – Japan action plan on tourism cooperation in the period 2022-2024.

Regarding health and public health, medical diplomacy is focused on finding resources, promoting technology cooperation, exchanging vaccines, combined Eastern and Western medicine, and therapeutic regimens. … with other countries.

4 priorities of Vietnam's diplomacy 2023 photo 3
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh received United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres in Hanoi in October 2022. Photo: VGP


. The year 2023 is forecasted by international experts to still be a difficult year in terms of economy, politics and security because the “post-COVID-19” is still smoldering, the large “whirlpool” of water still escalates in many places. ; “Revisionism” to globalization continues to increase. In that context, what are Vietnam’s diplomatic principles to adapt and develop sustainably?

+ What I am most concerned about is that the big country competition will definitely become more intense and expand the field, making the “hot spots” more “hot” and difficult to find immediate solutions. Non-traditional security, especially the security of energy, environment, food, water… are all more complicated due to conflicts of interests and because these issues are related to the sovereignty and strength of nations. in the “new world” order.

To adapt to such a “new world”, Vietnam’s diplomacy must continue to focus on four priorities: (i) Enhancing Vietnam’s role in multilateral forums, international and regional organizations; (ii) actively contribute to the development of the ASEAN Community Vision after 2025; (iii) contribute to the development of sub-regional cooperation strategies such as Mekong – Lancang and (iv) orient Vietnam’s participation in new trends of international cooperation and new regional linkages.

The principles that Vietnam’s diplomacy needs to continue determinedly pursue are: An independent line, balancing relations, steadfast in goals, maintaining identity, ensuring interests, proactively acting and flexibly acting. Through that, Vietnam wants to send to international friends the message: Vietnam is an increasingly developed, reliable and responsible country in the international community and Vietnam’s diplomacy is a modern and professional one. , efficient and creative.

. Thank you ambassador.

Synchronization and smooth coordination

In terms of methods, Vietnam’s diplomacy in 2023 will continue to focus on relations with neighboring countries; deepen relations with strategic partner countries; promote substantive relations with cooperative partners and traditional friends; and increased trust with other partners. Events celebrating even-numbered years in bilateral relations as well as Vietnam’s participation in multilateral forums will clearly demonstrate this diplomatic approach.

Comprehensive foreign policy with close coordination between Party diplomacy, National Assembly diplomacy, people’s diplomacy and people’s diplomacy continues to be the guideline. As for the diplomatic sector, certainly political diplomacy, economic diplomacy, cultural diplomacy and the work of Vietnamese people abroad and local foreign affairs will all be focused on, and at the same time coordinate more and more smoothly. .

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