4 reasons to fall for the Asus Zenbook Flip

The ultrabook market is booming. Today’s jobs require some mobility, so carrying heavy and bulky laptops quickly becomes tiring.

In this segment, Asus offers the Zenbook Flip, a compact, elegant laptop capable of turning 360 °. Here are 4 reasons to fall for the Asus Zenbook Flip.

Discover ASUS Zenbook Flip

For its hybrid format

The Zenbook is first and foremost a neat aesthetic PC. Its brushed aluminum coating first gives it a resolutely premium appearance. The choice of this material also allows it to lighten its weight on the scale: only 1.3 kg. With a thickness of only 13.9 mm and military resistance, it is undoubtedly built for mobility.

The originality of the Zenbook Flip is based on its hybrid format. Thanks to its rotating hinge, its screen can be rotated 360 °. It then becomes, at your choice, a multimedia support (tent format) or a tablet, with its applications. This versatility will delight the most productive among you.

Windows 10: security at the rendezvous

In Windows 10, the Windows Hello feature is offered upon installation. It allows you to secure your sessions with facial recognition or a fingerprint reader.

Windows Hello also makes it possible to secure application purchases and also allows you to use your bracelet or connected watch, your smartphone or your other devices to quickly unlock your Windows 10 PC without having to enter a password.

As the number of antiviruses on the market explodes, Microsoft Defender is installed by default on Windows 10. It allows you to protect your device and gives you access to a full suite of advanced security features.

A comprehensive parental control tool is also provided that allows you to limit access to certain sensitive content, schedule screen time, and block online purchases. All of these solutions secure your use of Windows 10.

For its magnificent OLED screen

The other strong point of the Zenbook Flip is its magnificent OLED screen. Asus puts the small pixels in the big ones and equips its machine with a Pantone certified Full HD panel.

The choice of OLED technology has several advantages. First, this type of panel consumes less energy since the LEDs go out to create the color black. Visually, the contrasts are close to perfection and the blacks endless. This should delight fans of films and series, among others.

For the long hours of work, Asus has thought to spare your eyes. A blue light reduction system of around 70% is integrated.

Definitely cut for productivity and multimedia, the Zenbook Flip also includes a sound system from Harman Kardon. Yes, Asus has thought of everything to offer an incomparable immersive experience.

For its excellent performance

© Asus

A beautiful PC is good, if it is powerful it is better. Asus therefore bet on a processor EVO Certified 11th Generation Intel Core i7 (new high-end standard from Intel) as well as an Intel Iris X graphics chip. 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD (PCIe) as well as 32 GB of Optane for perfect responsiveness and always fast loads.

Suffice to say that the Zenbook Flip delivers excellent performance and will adapt to the productivity needs of its users. Icing on the printed circuit, it integrates Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and is WiFi 6 compatible.

For its record autonomy

zenbook flip autonomy

© Asus

What is the point of designing thin and light laptops if we have to always carry their chargers? With the Zenbook Flip, the charger stays at home. Indeed, the Asus ultrabook is able to accompany you for 11 hours. What to see coming.

This did not prevent Asus from taking care of the charging equipment. The supplied mains charger is capable of recharging the battery to 60% in just 49 minutes. The Zenbook Flip is also Easy Charge compatible. The battery can therefore be recharged with any USB-C cable on any energy source (wall outlet, train, plane, external battery, etc.). Who says better ?

You will understand, the Zenbook Flip has it all. Elegant and versatile, it also has a technical sheet promising a lot of power. Its OLED screen associated with a Harman Kardon sound system will delight multimedia enthusiasts. And for the most mobile, its ultra modern battery provides record autonomy and recharges at high speed. It’s hard to do better at this price level: the Zenbook Flip is available from € 1,599.99. So do you fall for it too?

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