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4 significant challenges of content marketing


You must already know what is content marketing and how to use it successfully. But there are many obstacles to success, and it’s important to identify the obstacles that can slow your progress. That’s why we’ve identified 3 significant challenges your content marketing strategy faces!

Marketing across multiple channels

In the modern world, many content marketing channels have emerged to take the place of digital marketing. Using a simple example of this blog, you can see that companies need a solid social media strategy, multichannel promotion, and at least two years of consistent writing to even launch a blog. The solution is to know your audience. You will need to create an image of the consumer and extrapolate the type of content and platform they are most likely to consume and use. Knowing your potential audience will also help you create content that will resonate with them the most.

Underestimating editorial work

As content marketing grows in popularity, so does the role of the editor in the company. But not every company has an editor on staff. Because of this, companies have begun to fill editorial roles with those they have on staff: SEO specialist is assigned to the role of content strategist, marketer to the role of editor, copywriter makes a journalist, etc. But this is not the right approach! But, unfortunately, you can’t write an interesting article without specific editorial experience.

Approval of each edit

There is often a practice in companies where it takes dozens of hours of employees to approve a text. Each edit and each idea must go through several employees just to approve it. This is normal when you are making a commercial for TV – to be approved by 12 people and the approval of the legal department. However, you can’t do it that way if you’re writing articles every day. Editors need the freedom to experiment with formats, different stories, and hypothesis testing.

Produce content with the highest value

Given a large amount of content on any well-known topic, it’s always difficult to make yourself known and make your content stand out. Well, the only way to be successful in this regard is not to increase the frequency of publications, but to improve their quality.

Probably designing and publishing many times a day could give a little more visibility, but if the quality of the result is poor, the effect is that the public, search engines, and algorithms will return a higher quality publication instead of yours, and you will have to redo it. To be successful, you need to work to create the best content on the market.

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