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CewekBanget.ID – Tuesday (2/2), name Han JisungStray Kids‘Suddenly a lot of people are talking, girls.

The reason is, the rap lyrics he wrote several years ago to be precise when he was 13 years old before 14 years.

Many words in the lyrics are considered sensitive and sound racist by people.

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This problem also dragged Jisung ‘NCT’, how come? Let’s find out more info!

There are swear words and racism

The rap lyrics written by Han when he was 13 years old contained some words that sounded like swearing and racism.

The racist words in the lyrics are usually addressed to people in Southeast Asian countries and America.

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Jisung’s name ‘NCT’ was also dragged away

Suddenly, the girl named Jisung ‘NCT’ was also dragged into this problem.

There is no reason behind it because netizens are confused by the name Jisung among KPop idols.

Coupled with the NCTzen who cleared Jisung’s name in internet searches.

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Jisung ‘NCT’

Han ‘Stray Kids’ Clarification

Through the Stray Kids Instagram account, Han then uploaded a photo of the handwritten letter and explained the controversy over the song.

Han said that he wrote the song around 2013 when he was 13 years old, “Without self-defense, I realized this was my fault. I wrote an apology,” wrote Han.

Han revealed that at that time he only thought about wanting to rap in his teenage years.

He apologized for hurting people’s feelings because of the rap lyrics he wrote without thinking.

Han 'Stray Kids' Post


Han ‘Stray Kids’ Post

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Reflecting on his past mistakes

“Because of this incident, I thought even deeper by reading the comments that were left behind while reading the lyrics I wrote before.

The reason why I chose to be a singer is because I can express myself through music and connect with many people.

Because of this, I feel ashamed of myself for writing lyrics like that.

I understand that such an attitude cannot be tolerated just because of my young age, I will reflect on all my actions, “ he wrote.

Han promised to always remember the love and support that fans gave him and once again sincerely apologized for his past attitude.

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