40-year-old Wang Xinling’s “Love You” blows up a vote of middle-aged male fans to attract onlookers: otaku born in the 80s shouting memories to kill – People – cnBeta.COM

After Jay Chou’s concert swiped, there is now a star swiping, and she is Wang Xinling. Recently, in order to watch Wang Xinling sing “Love You” in Wuxi, Jiangsu, a man reminded his wife early to come to Wang Xinling’s performance and asked him to come and listen. When the time came, the man hurriedly crawled out of the bedroom excitedly, watching the whole performance with a smile on his face.

When Wang Xinling sang “Love You” again, it really caused another wave of memory killing, and a group of middle-aged male fans sang along. They seemed to be back in their teenage years. But these middle-aged male fans are now married, but when they look at Wang Xinling again, they are still heartbroken.

It feels like a “resurrection” scene for large-scale old fans. Maybe they didn’t smile so happily when they got married! There are also many middle-aged male fans shouting, “You one vote, I one vote, heart Ling 80 can still jump”.

Many old netizens have said that Taiwanese idol dramas were all the rage at the time, and Wang Xinling participated in many idol dramas. “The Wedding Dress of the Kingdom of Heaven” and “Smile Pasta” are the favorite hobbies of the old aunts. No, this is exposed. Is Sister Fei’s age?televisionThe time I watched before the show was really memorable.

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